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Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

How many times have you finished a workout to realize you are SO “HANGRY” (hungry + angry = hangry)?

You don’t have enough time, so you grab a banana or granola bar and run out the door to work. Come to find out you’re hungry again an hour later with only your lunch and YOU JUST WANT TO EAT IT because you’re so hungry right now, but know you shouldn’t because you’ll have nothing for lunch later. So you wait for lunch to come and stay hungry. Sigh.

There have been many times post-workout “hanger” has gotten the best of me and a banana is never nearly enough! After a workout, our bodies need to replenish what it has just lost, including carbs, fats, proteins and water! So today I’m sharing a quick and easy smoothie recipe for those days you just don’t have enough time to whip up some bacon and eggs! It’s packed with all the necessary nutrients needed to refuel your body after that killer workout you just had and it tastes like summer!

Don’t let post-workout hanger get the best of you! Make your day more enjoyable after your workout by making this quick and easy Raspberry Kale Smoothie to keep you full longer!

Adriana is a Nutrition Science Graduate student at Baylor University and is the founder of The Running Foodie, sharing allergy friendly recipes and tips about nutrition. For more information, visit therunningfoodieap.com or follow Adriana on Instagram @adrianapalucci